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Cycling & Trail EventS

Cycling & Trail EventS

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August 24-25 2024

Cycle & Trail Run ROUTE

The Chama Yak Attack is a 2-day cycling and trail running event set on a 3000-acre private

Yak and Cattle ranch in Northern New Mexico. This is a great opportunity to ride/run on a

private ranch (Wolf Creek Ranch) located on the New Mexico/Colorado border.

The Wolf Creek Ranch is located about 7 miles north of Chama, NM and offers stunning views, streams, and cool mountain air.

Both events will be cycled/run on old highway roads, ranch roads, logging roads and Elk trails with elevations starting at 8,500’ and topping out at 10,100’. Cyclists and trail runners can expect to quickly challenge the best of skills and enjoy the enchanting scenery of ponderosa pines, aspens, mountain views, stream crossings, and our stunning New Mexico blue skies.

Cycling Event: USA Cycling Permit (Pending)

Running Event: American Trail Running Association Event (Pending)

There are course/events for all abilities from beginners to hard core athletes. Rides/runs from

1 mile up to 25+ miles. For beginners, there is a “flatter” route that doesn’t climb on the harder

“mountain” loop.

Special awards will be given for men/women winners of the cycling and running events as well

as the lowest combined time for both events (King/Queen of the Mountain). Teams are

encouraged to participate in the combined overall event.

The Chama Yak attack has a special low entry fees for entrants under 18:

-Kids under 8 $10

-Age 9 to 18 $25

Please join us in Chama for great scenery, cool weather (expected highs of 70/80 degrees in late

August), and a great event to raise funds for local charities. beer and food will

be available for participants and friends.

Running events Saturday, August 24

Cycling Events Sunday, August 25

Run 13 mile

Run & Cycle 6 mile

Cycle 25+ mile

Cycle 12 mile

event details


The official event shirt, will be available to pick up at packet pick up -

August 23, 24 & 25


Registrations opens 3/12/24

run/Race schedule of Events

Friday, August 23

5:00-8:00 pm Late Registration and packet pickup

Location: OFF THE RAILS 567 Terrace Ave. (Downtown Chama)

Saturday, August 24

8:00 Late Registration & Packet Pickup at Wolf Creek Ranch

9:00 13+ Mile Run - Individual and Team

9:15 6 Mile Run - All Age Groups

10:00 Beer Garden Open

11:00 Kids 1K Run - 8 and Under

1:00 Running Awards & Late Registration/Packet Pickup for Cycling Events

Sunday, August 25

8:00 Late Registration & Packet Pickup at Wolf Creek Ranch

9:00 25+ Mile Cycling - Individual and Team

9:30 12 Mile Cycling - All Categories

10:00 6 Mile Cycling - All categories

10:30 Beer Garden Open

11:00 Kids 1 Mile - 8 and Under

1:00 Awards

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HOW we Support chama

Proceeds will be donated to support the Chama Valley Rotary Club. Rotary is an international organization made up of people who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities. The 2023 event raised over $2,000 to support a new community pavillion in Chama. Our main goal is to serve the local community of Chama Valley.

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FequentlyAsked Questions:

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Where is the event located?

The Chama Yak Attack is located on a private ranch located along the New Mexico/Colorado border

north of Chama, NM. Take State Road 17 north from Downtown Chama (train Station) for

approximately 8 miles and the gate to Wolf Creek Ranch will be on the right. We will have a 20’x40’

white tent that you can’t miss setup during race days (Saturday and Sunday).

Can we camp at the ranch?

Unfortunately, there is no camping on the Ranch. However, there is a great campground about

7 to 10 miles north at Trujillo Meadows. There are many primitive camping spots along Forest

Road 87-approximately 2 miles north of Cumbres Pass and many more as you head north into Colorado.

How does the King and Queen of the Mountain Event Work?

To win the title as King or Queen of the Mountain, you must complete the run event (13+ miles)on Saturday and the Cycling event on Sunday (25+ miles). 1st Place will be awarded to men and women with the lowest combined time for both events. We also have a 1st place trophy for the team event. The team can consist of any combination of male/females.

Are there events for beginners?

Yes, we have a 10k run and a 10k ride that is on the lower valley trail that doesn’t include the

harder upper loop.

Do you have events for small children?

Yes, we have 1k run and a 1 mile cycling cycling events for kids under 8 years old. The entry fee is $10.

Will participants receive a T-shirt?

Yes, all participants will receive a T-shirt.

What are the courses like?

Both the “hard core” run and cycling races will be held on the same course, but in opposite

directions. The courses are run on a combination of two-track ranch roads, unimproved old highway

roads, unimproved logging roads, and single track elk trails. The course reminds us of an old school

Mountain Bike race from the late 1980’s – early 1990’s. There are a few stream crossings, a few logs to

climb over, some steep single track with sand, extremely fast downhills, and downhills with loose

gravel. The “hard core” 25+ mile race has approximately 3,900’ of climbing.

The “beginner” type run and cycling events will be on the lower “valley” 6 mile loop which will

not venture up into the harder “upper” loop. The beginner course will be on 2 track ranch roads and a

​little single track through the scrub brush section. The total climbing is around 400’ vertical for the Beginner

(10k) loop.

Why the name Chama Yak Attack?

The event is located on an active Yak and cattle ranch. The groups of 100 or so Yaks and 150

head of cattle are managed by a ranch hand and the groups generally stay separate from each other.

The two herds are managed by a full-time ranch hand to stay away from the run and cycling events.

The two herds will most likely be down in the Valley during the event, away from the courses. The ranch

is also home to deer, elk, coyotes, and wild turkeys.

Will you have rest areas along the course?

Yes, in addition to the start/finish area, we will have 2 to 3 rest areas scattered throughout the

course. The rest areas will have water, Tailwinds energy drink, fresh fruit, and energy bars. The upper

rest area will be at the high point of the course....stunning views!!

Is this a Mountain Bike, Gravel, or Road Bike Event

It is not a road event. The lower valley course could be ridden on a Gravel Bike. The Upper course has very steep sections that may require a MTB gearing.....or you could hike a bike for a few sections. FYI..The winner of the 2023 King of the Mountain event rode a gravel bike.

Is there a railroad track to cross??

Yes. Both the run and cycle events will cross the Cumbres-Toltec Railroad tracks twice. (located

near the start/finish line). We will have a volunteer at the crossing. We expect the train to cross

the course around 10:45 am may have to stop and watch the 100 + year old steam train

huff and puff up to the pass!! Cyclist will be required to dismount at the tracks... or will be disqualified.

Where will the awards ceremony be held??

The awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 pm at the the start/finish line.

Pagosa Mountain Sports will be providing great raffle items. We will also be raffling 2 tickets on the

Cumbres- Toltec train!!

Packet pick up will be at Off The Rails-567 Terrace Ave., Chama, NM, Friday and Saturday, August 23-24, 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Day of Race: Saturday and Sunday morning 8:00 a.m. at Wolf Creek Ranch.

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Where is packet pick up?

Event Activities

Social Events

Food and Beverages will open Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the Wolf Creek Ranch.

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